Know Your Own Mobile Number in Airtel/Idea/Vodafone/Aircel/Docomo/Reliance/Videocon/Virgin

This is very useful tricks for those who want to know their Own number in Airtel. Some time people buy a sim-card, so the sim-card number is new for them. At that time they want to recharge or do any other card related query. What can they do if they forget their own mobile number. It is very simple to solve this problem. So now i come to the point. This trick will teach you to know your own Airtel, Idea, or Vodafone Simcard No.(Mobile number). In short "Know Your Own Mobile Number with Your Own Mobile Phone."

Know Your Own Mobile Number In Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Docomo , Reliance, Videocon and Virgin.


» Method - 1

1. Just send a Blank (do not write anything in msg) sms to 59103 (it is the number where you have to send msg) and of-course it is TOLL FREE.
2. After do this process (after sending message) you will shortly receive a by 59103.
3. The text will be in this message as "Successfully processed message for XXXXXXXXXX  (XXXXXXXXXX will  be your mobile number)."

» Method - 2

1. Just dial "*121*9#" from your mobile keypad and wait. A flash message will be shown "Press Exit for Main Menu.... Dial 12116 to Manage your Value Added Services". Do nothing, Just press Exit.
2. After do this, you will get a flash massage "Your Mobile no. is: XXXXXXXXXX" (Here "XXXXXXXXXX" will be your mobile no.)


1. Just dial *789#


» Method - 1

1. Just do same as Airtel Method -2. Dial "*121*0#" from your mobile keypad and wait.

2. After do this, you will get a flash massage "Your Mobile no. is: XXXXXXXXXX" (Here "XXXXXXXXXX" will be your mobile no.) 

» Method - 2

1. Just dial *555*0#


1. Just dial *888#


1. Just dial *1#


1. Just dial *1#


1. Just dial *1#


1. Just dial *1#

I have not tested all these numbers. So check these numbers, and make some comments. Post any other number related this post in comments.

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