How to Hide Html Code From View Source

  Asalaam Walaikum today i thought of sharing a trick for hiding html codes from View Source. Some People when they visit any website/blog they get interested in any gadget or any beautiful design. If they want it , they just right-click the mouse button and clicks on view source. By Clicking on view source they copy the html code from it and they just paste it in their own blog/website. If you kept any gadget unique or you made a   cool gadget with your own html codes and you didn't share with anyone and if it has been copied to other websites then Visitors impression gets down because they think that gadget was shared on internet and that website copied from it. And your stress gets waste by this.

              So, i found a method  to hide your HTML code from view source.
           To hide Html code , you have to do is encrypt your html code.
     It's so simple to do.
Only you have to do is search for HTML encryptor in Google . 

Or Go to this link  

You just place your html code in that box and Click on Encrypt.
After Encrypting your html code place your html code from where you copied first.

Facebook just compressed and encrypted some of the html source and confused us for copying.

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