How to Download Videos From Youtube

Check out How to download fom Youtube
Today i'll show you two different types of downloading videos from youtube. This trick is very popular . Maybe you know hese methods. By the way for the newbies it will be helpfull. There are soo many ways of downloading videos from youtube.
As there are soo many alternatives to of downloading youtube videos from free online website.
HERE also i am going to share a trick with software named idm. And another is with the free website. That website opens directly from the youtube video page. Let's check how :

See Below the methods for how to download from Youtube

I know only Two methods from which I download the videos from youtube…

v IDM (Internet Download Manager)
v Youtube Trick (without any Download Manager)

For 1st method you have to download IDM on your pc..
After download Completes you have to change some settings as below in this photo

download video from youtube
Click tick mark on the browsers which you have installed on your PC..
Click Ok..
Then open any youtube page and you will see the download option above the video.


2nd method is very Simple and you Don’t need any download manager or extension for this!
v Open any youtube video page that you want to Download
v At the URL, replace www. With SS
v By doing this you will be redirected to the download page of that Video

download video from youtube

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