Change or Customize your OEM information in windows7

Now you can change or customize your OEM information in windows7 by just a small trick. This is just a simple trick and very easy. This will not harm your computer settings.By this you can fool your friends by saying that "this is my new version of windows" .The information which comes when you open system properties is called OEM information!

The below trick is useful in following things-
           a :) customize and tweak the system properties screen.
           b :) inserts your own business contact information in the system properties          screen.
           c :) inserts a customized picture in the system properties screen.

  Create your customized image in a .bmp graphic file with maximum dimensions of 120 by 120 pixels Save the .bmp file somewhere so that you can find it in a next step Open your text editor (notepad or any text editor) and enter the following Information:-

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Model"="Protected by Md Azeem"
"SupportHours"="24 hours"

ü  If you wish, You can change the names which are orange in colour above…^^^
ü  Please make sure that the first line (the one starting with "Windows Registry Editor..." appears in the text file.
ü  The path and file name should point to where you saved your 120 by 120 pixel .bmp logo file - use the double backslashes in the path.
ü  The support url will result in a click able "Online support" link in your System properties window that takes the user to whatever url you put there .

Of course you can change the Manufacturer, Model and support information to  Whatever you want. Now save this text file somewhere and make sure to give it a .reg extension (suppose ‘logowin.reg’)In this screenshot you can see how i saved it on my desktop.
save .bmp file on desktop for ease

This little trick to change system properties logo only takes effect after the Computer is rebooted. So after a reboot, right-click on " My Computer"  selects "Properties" and take a look at your customized System Properties screen as shown in the picture.

OEM on system Properties after the effect
Click On Image To Enlarge

feel FrEe To CoMmEnt HeRe!! Don't Hesitate...

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