How to Speed Up your Internet Connection

A High Speed Internet connection is necessary for reasonable waiting while browsing, playing online games, researching or otherwise using the Internet. Regardless of the purpose of the Internet in your life, improving your connection speed does not require hours of complicated processes. A few simple changes will result in the best possible connection and speed.

Stopping Automatic Program Startup or Removing Programs:

One method of improving the speed of your online connection is through the removal of unwanted or unnecessary programs. If you aren’t using the program and it is not vital for the computer to run, remove it. For those rarely used programs, stop the automatic startup when a computer is turned on by opening the computer settings, finding the program and turning off the automatic run feature. The computer speeds up when fewer programs are running.

Close Programs you are not Using:

Any program that is not actively necessary while online is better to close. If you do not need it opened, closing the program will free up more memory so the computer runs faster. A faster computer means a faster Internet connection.

Move your Router:

A router under the bed, behind a desk or behind the couch might be out of sight, but it is also not providing the optimal wireless signal. Put the router where the signal is not obstructed by furniture, such as on your desk. The signal improves and Internet speed increases.

Turn Off Unused Computers:

Houses with more than one computer compete for bandwidth on the Internet. If only one computer is currently in use, turn off any others to improve bandwidth and connection speed.

Create a Password on your Internet:

A wireless router sends out a signal that neighbors or passersby might tap into if the connection is not secured with a password. Take the time to set up a password. It prevents others from using your Internet connection and removes any bandwidth competition.

Run Maintenance:

Computer maintenance, such as a disc cleanup or defrag will clear up some of the causes of your computer running slow. A slow computer will always slow down your connection, so improving the speed by maintaining the computer will speed up the connection.

Try a Different Web Browser:

Not all web browsers are super efficient. Some are better than others and the only way to determine which is best for your needs and your Internet connection is by trial and error. Try out a few different browsers and see which is fastest and works best for your personal preferences.

Check for Viruses:

Viruses, Trojans or any other malicious software might infect your computer and slow down your Internet connection. Running a regular virus check, anti-spyware and similar protective software on a regular basis will minimize the risk of viruses. If you find a virus or malware of any kind, remove it from the computer as appropriate for the type of virus.

Call Customer Service:

Anytime your High Speed Internet connection seems slow and it is not a virus and has no other obvious reasons for the poor connection, call the provider customer service number and ask about the problem. Technical problems that might arise, such as weather related problems or troubleshooting, requires the help of the provider.

Change Providers:

High speed Internet providers are not created equal. Some providers are better than others. Sometimes the only way to improve your Internet speed is by changing to a new provider. Look at the providers in your area and try to find out which provides the best high speed options.

Anyone can improve their Internet connectivity by making a few small changes.

Article written by Tre Wiseman from Broadband Expert where lots of different high speed internet plans can be compared.

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